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Tools and services

How to purchase licenses or memberships and how to document this?

1) #### Ask for approval when needed. Look at this from a reflective angle, to make sure we buy the right license and to keep the commmunication and purchasing transperant. This makes it is easier to refer to the person responsible in case questions pop up. In general we approave all purchases.

2) #### Create a user that can be accessed by an admin: (This for a smooth on- and offboarding process)

  • [email protected] + generate a code in 1pw + save it in the right vault.
    • The right vault could be a ‘team’ or ‘Software licences’ when it is a common license.
  • personal abtion email + generate a code in 1pw + save it in the right vault.
  • when several licenses are bought for the same account, a manager license might be needed to keep a better overview and reassign/cancel single licenses.

3) #### Create a billing email: (This to have one place to gather invoices/receipts)

  • when not able to create a billing email,
    • use either [email protected] as login, this will automatically direct the invoices to the right email
    • Use your private abtion email and redirect the incomming invoices to [email protected] (This only preferred when admin@abtion as login is not an option.)

4) #### Use the card credentials in 1pw in ‘Shared Vault’ under ‘[email protected]

  • For bigger purchases, pleo might ask for a verification via 2fa.

5) #### Update the license overview in Asana -

  • Place the info in the right section:
    • Internal licenses (services and shared accounts/licenses for internal use, internal tools)
    • Individual licenses (for individual use, f.eks. grammarly or workflowy)
    • Projects (create a new section with the project name, this for easy hand-off and clear overview of used tools per project/team)
    • Other clients and wordpress (Licenses for ‘smaller’ clients and all WP related licenses)
  • Fill out all the fields and write a comment when you have any questions.

6) ### This board calls for shared ownership!

When you purchase a license, you have the responsibility to update the board.

Upgrade/downgrade/re-assign the license, when you are switching project, or when a personal license becomes irrelevant.

When you need a license, check the board to see if there already excist a license. In this case consider a manager membership to gather all purchases in 1 account.

Add any licenses to the overview when you spot missing ones.