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Gear Plan

We all know the importance of good gear. That is why we introduce you all to our new Gear Plan. Instead of having a gear budget, we ensure everyone has the right gear to optimise workflow and efficiency.

  • Abtion provides all essential gear and adds any additional necessary gear after personal preference.
  • Gear will be provided at one of the offices and we provide gear at home when this is a necessity for our WAW.
  • A refreshment of new gear can take place after approx. 3 years, depending on the state and quality.
  • We standardise the gear packages, following the news updates and models. This standardised gear suggestion can be changed according to needs and offers:

For all Abtioneers:

  • 1 or 2 4K Screens (LG)
  • Headphones with noise cancellation on ears and mic
    • Jabra Evolve 85 over-ear
    • OR Jabra 75 on-ear
    • OR a personal preferred headset + modmic wired/wireless
  • Keyboard + mouse
    • Apple magic keyboard and mouse/trackpad
    • Logitech Keyboard (Ergo K860 or Solar K750) + Logitech mouse (MX Master 3)
    • Mouse mat size M or L
  • Optional TwelveSouth HiRise

For developers and designers:

  • Laptop
    • Mac
      • MBP 16’ with touchbar
      • 2.4GHz 8-core 9th-generation Intel Core i9 processor
      • 16GB 2666MHz DDR4 memory + 512 GB SSD
      • Upgrade on Graphics card for designers
  • Windows, Linux
    • Dell XPS 15
      • 15,6’ with Core i7
      • 32GB RAM 1000GB SSD 15.6”

For PM’s and other roles:

  • Laptop
    • Mac, MBP 13’ or 16’ with touchbar
    • Windows, Lenovo Thinkpad T14
  • Additional gear such as phone, other headphones, etc.

setup at the office

Ideally, all desks and pairing stations have the same setup for easy use by all. Personal desks for those who work the best at their own palace. Flex desks for guests and Abtioneers who are not attached to their own desks. This can be useful when in need of a more quiet place and all meeting rooms are occupied. Each desk consists of either 1 or 2 screens, keyboard + mouse, and optional a highrise. 

We administrate all gear in Asana(both in-house gear and gear you have at home.)

When we reach the moment of replacing gear, we are looking into ways to give a 2nd life to our gear. There is a possibility to buy the gear for personal use for a, of course, reasonable deducted price. Or donate it to a fund, to sponsor those who need it. – Any suggestions here? Shout out! Or sell it to companies like ‘greenmind’ who repair and re-sell used products.

Lunch and office snacks

We plan to take a lunch break at 12.30pm. We have daily catering delivering a tasty lunch for all our employees. There is enough variety to satisfy all kinds of diets and we are very open for new proposals. Besides lunch, you can always find something to snack on or to drink in our kitchens. If there is anything missing in your preference, don’t hesitate to reach out to our office managers/snack managers.

Another important consuming product next to food, is coffee. At Abtion we love good coffee! Our passion makes us look out for good beans to provide a decent cup. We like variety and trying out new coffee from time to time, so if you have any suggestions in regards to that, don’t be shy - please share it!


Pension plan

At Abtion you become part of our pension and ‘life insurance’ plan with Sampension. When being a part of the plan, you can have a counselling meeting with Sampension. During this meeting you will be introduced to the benefits Sampension automatically offers as part of Abtion’s agreement. In addition you get an offer to adapt your pension plan to your own preferences.

Your onboarding starts after Sampension has received your first payment. This payment has a standard of 8%, 6% by you and 2% by Abtion.

Log in to and get a hold on your numbers and coverages. Here you see all your savings and the amount of coverage by illness and loss.

Health care

When login to, click on health plan, and find all the benefits and information belonging to your personal police.

Some of the benefits don’t require a doctors visit. Simply give them a call and they ensure quick help.

It includes

  1. Stress coaching: in relation to personal crises, children, divorce, lifestyle and abuse. The well-being line is handled by a special health professional counseling team, which consists of nurses, doctors, physiotherapists, psychotherapists and psychologists.
  2. Treatment with a physiotherapist, chiropractor, acupuncturist, osteopath, masseur or reflexologist Without a doctors visit.
  3. Guidance from a dietitian.
  4. Examination by a specialist, surgery or treatment as well as follow-up at hospitals and clinics
  5. guidance by sick leave or when on sick leave.

There is also a possibility to get a health insurance for your family through our agreement.