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Audio setup

Known issues and workarounds

My colleagues tell me that I sound like a pilot

  • Open the sound settings on your computer and check if your microphone volume is too high. If it’s nearly maxed out, try lowering the volume a bit. Maxing out the microphone volume can severely degrade the quality.

My colleauges tell me that I’m breathing heavily

  • Place the microphone “next to” your mouth instead of in front of it
  • Move the microphone further away from your mouth while keeping it pointed towards it.

My ModMic is picking up a LOT of background noise

  • If it has an omni-/uni direction switch, swith it to uni. The correct icon is a circle with a “dent” (Cardioid), as opposed to the full circle icon which symbolizes omni-directional mode.
  • Ensure that the omni-/uni switch, or the microphone logo - depending on the model - is facing towards your face. Otherwise the microphone will do it’s best to pick up the background-noise instead of your voice.