Behaviour and protocol

Code reviews Consulting 101 Good meetings practices How to facilitate team meetings Inclusive language Values


360 review Engineering manager career ladder Roles Software engineer progression framework Technical skills sheet

Employee manual

Abtion's pomodoro Employee benefits Internal days & community Intro Parental leave policy Safety and security Schedule, time tracking & calendar Sickness & unplanned absence Travelling Vacation & planned time off Work from anywhere policy

Project management

Technical setup when starting a new project Client discontinuing hosting or sla Converting projects from development to maintenance mode Estimating Estimating project maintenance Go live checklist Handoffs Invoicing guidelines Procedure for traffic


Audio setup Create amazon bucket Database backup setup Gpg signing Pairing setup

Technical practices

Bug triaging Css How and why we do design research Kick off meeting Pair programming Tdd testdriven development Workflow



Tools and services

Access and permissions Preferred services Purchasing licenses and memberships Sharing sensitive information Stack guideline

Abtion Guidelines


The guidelines are extracted from real problems we encountered and the solutions we have found along the way. These guidelines should be used as a default unless there is a good reason against it.


These guidelines are created with the help of the whole organization. Anyone is welcome to open a PR to any section of the guidelines.

Anything added to the guideline must have been extracted from a project.

A github pages version of this repo can be found here: