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Parental leave policy

TL;DR: Mothers have 15 weeks of paid parental leave, fathers have 11.


Our approach is designed to support you through each stage of parental leave, ensuring you feel confident, prepared, and valued from the moment you start your leave to your return to the workplace.

Before parental leave:

  • Pre-leave consultation: We offer a meeting with an external parental consultant to all expectant employees. This consultation will assist you in creating a personalized parental plan for you and your partner, addressing any concerns, and setting expectations for your leave and return.
  • Parental plan development: Together with the parental consultant, you will develop a comprehensive parental plan that outlines your work transition, covering all aspects from the start of your leave to your return. See the details of the parental consultant at
  • Agreements with manager: It is your responsibility to provide your parental leave plan to your manager. Agree with your manager first the temporary dates of your leave for forecast and then the exact date when you know.

During parental leave:

  • Ongoing support: The external parental consultant will remain available to assist you with any challenges or questions relating to parental leave legislation. This ensures you are well-informed and supported throughout your leave.
  • Keeping in touch: If you choose, ‘Keeping in Touch’ days can be arranged to help you stay connected with the workplace and ease the transition back to work post-leave.

After parental leave:

  • Plan upon arrival: Upon your return, we’ll have a plan for your work tasks ready, allowing you to feel immediately valuable and integrated into the team. Update sessions: Time will be allocated for you to be brought up to date with the company’s developments during your absence with your manager or a colleague.
  • Initial 1-1 with manager: A 1-1 check-in with your manager will be arranged within the first few days of your return, focusing on your well-being and adjustment back into the work environment.
  • Well-being consultant check-in: In addition to the initial 1-1 check-in with your manager, a check-in with our well-being consultant will be scheduled shortly after your return. This session is aimed at assessing your overall well-being, any concerns, and providing support for a balanced reintegration into the work environment.
  • Follow-up with manager: Your return from parental leave will be addressed in the ongoing 1-1’s with your manager to address any ongoing needs or concerns. If you have any challenges that the company can assist you with, an individual plan will be provided.
  • Reduced work schedule option: To assist with your transition back to full-time employment, we offer the option of a temporary reduced work schedule. Please note, if you choose to utilize this option, your salary will be adjusted accordingly to reflect the reduced hours during this period.

How long

Technically, parental leave subsidies are based on several different types of leave, which explains the 11 and 15 week cap for fathers and mothers respectively:

  • Pregnancy leave for the mother (4 weeks)
  • Birth leave for both parents (2 weeks)
  • Parental leave (9 weeks dedicated to each parent)

What to be aware of

It is a precondition for salary during parental leave that we can acquire the regular subsidies we are entitled to. Make sure to plan accordingly with your manager.

All subsidies in this regard are based on an hourly rate, so if you work reduced hours (less than 30 hours) it might affect your salary during leave. This calculation can be done up front, so there are no surprises.

Should you wish to be on leave for a longer period than the 11 or 15 weeks, you are welcome to do so. You will not be able to get a salary, but you might be entitled to further subsidies directly from the authorities - that all depends on how you and your partner distribute the leave between you.

This policy replaces all previous policies and agreements in current employment contracts.

Further reading

More info here: Danish / English

Details about the new regulations can be found here: Danish

This stuff is complicated, so always feel free to ask for more information.