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Parental leave policy

TL;DR: Mothers have 15 weeks of paid parental leave, fathers have 11.

Why a new policy

New regulations regarding parental leave were recently introduced, dedicating some of the time and potential subsidies to the father. We want to support this development by updating our parental leave policy for 2023 to match this new arrangement.

This new policy allows for full salary during parental leave for a period of up to a total of 11 weeks for fathers and 15 weeks for mothers. Not all families have exactly one mother and one father - naturally, they are covered as well. We’ll figure out which rules apply to specific situations when relevant.

How long

Technically, parental leave subsidies are based on several different types of leave, which explains the 11 and 15 week cap for fathers and mothers respectively:

  • Pregnancy leave for the mother (4 weeks)
  • Birth leave for both parents (2 weeks)
  • Parental leave (9 weeks dedicated to each parent)

What to be aware of

It is a precondition for salary during parental leave that we can acquire the regular subsidies we are entitled to. Make sure to plan accordingly with your manager.

All subsidies in this regard are based on an hourly rate, so if you work reduced hours (less than 30 hours) it might affect your salary during leave. This calculation can be done up front, so there are no surprises.

Should you wish to be on leave for a longer period than the 11 or 15 weeks, you are welcome to do so. You will not be able to get a salary, but you might be entitled to further subsidies directly from the authorities - that all depends on how you and your partner distribute the leave between you.

This policy replaces all previous policies and agreements in current employment contracts.

Further reading

More info here: Danish / English

Details about the new regulations can be found here: Danish

This stuff is complicated, so always feel free to ask for more information.