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Procedure for Traffic

This document serves as a guideline for how to plan and book resources called Traffic management. Here are the four most common needs;

Pre-booking: You have high hopes this will turn into a project within the near future (max 3 months from now).

Dedicated team: You have a signed work order and need to staff a project as soon as possible.

Loosely connected team: You have a small request to have something fixed on an existing project and maybe have a wish for a specific person to handle it. Or: 3.1: Your client has a SLA with reaction time (and no dedicated team) and needs it activated or your client has NO SLA but hopes to have us help them as soon as possible.

Digital infrastructure: Your client grows too big for DI or your client’s work decreases and the project must be handed over to DI.

Similar for all requests

Create a Harvest project and remember to connect to Forecast (check mark in harvest). Otherwise it will not be possible to plan in forecast.

1. Pre-booking

In top of forecast you can ‘pre-book’ a resource like .net or design etc. Please try to be as realistic when choosing when to start the booking and in the number of team members needed. OBS not possible to book more than 24 hours a day. So if you need more than 3 developers please write it in the comment field. If you need help write the traffic manager at: [email protected] with the relevant info. Please get back to traffic when you have a yes or no on the project so we can update forecast and go to procedure 2.

2: Dedicated team:

Contact your traffic manager on [email protected] with this info.

  • Budget / hours planned
  • The name of the project (as in Harvest)
  • Number of people needed
  • Timeline (any specific deadline or start date)
  • Wishes in regards to skills / must sit at the client etc.

After this the traffic manager will be responsible to find the best suitable team as fast as possible. This will happen in close collaboration with our CTO and the CPO if design is required.

If further coordinating is needed this dialog will happen in the slack channel #Planning. This could be relevant if all resources are booked or the desired developers are on another project.

3: Loosely connected team and your options

Contact your traffic manager in #planning and the whole team, with the traffic manager as responsible, will help you out when possible. Please try to bulk these smaller request so we can have a DI pair look at it, if possible go to procedure 4. If you have a wish for a specific person to handle the task please write so.

The dialog is in #planning for all to know that there is a little change of plans. This should of course be limited and is only relevant for invoiceable work. This procedure also covers estimating work (not WP).

3.1 SLA/No SLA

If the PM decides that we must act on a given task within the short time frame from the SLA - call the Traffic Manager. If there is no response write in #planning who you need to solve this task, and within what time frame you need to start working on it.

If the client has no SLA but an urgent task you can try your luck with the above procedure. But there is NO guarantee we can help in the near future. Before you do so please ask yourself if this is an important client/task or not. If not and WP: Create in: if Ruby on Rails create here: (DI)

If in doubt, talk to the client director on the client.

4: Digital infrastructure (DI)

For now the maximum size of a DI task is a pair week (60 hours). If you find yourself having a DI client in need of a bigger task then this, please reach out to your traffic manager. In collaboration with you and our CTO we will find out if DI has time or we need a pair outside DI. If that is the case go to 2 or 3 depending on the size of the task.

When your client goes from a dedicated team to DI, this can be a sensitive situation as the client now is live and no longer needs full time development, but might still expect to be treated with the same response times. Therefore the first order of business is to create a SLA in collaboration with the client director and lead developer from the team. When you have this in place please add all infomation to DI board’s icebox: Then DI will work on the solution after the agreed timeframe. Ad hoc tasks should be created in the DI backlog.

Finally, similar to all

We need to be mindful on how to communicate changes to the affected ressources. Please do not update forecast on specific people before you or the Traffic Manager has talked to them.