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Technical practices

Development Kickoff - Full day, Whole Team

Starting a few weeks after any needed design starts. Entire team is present, including design, client, pm. May cover up to ~3 months of work.

Come away with:

  • Solid understanding of why we are building X
  • Understand the “enough” line (when have we built enough for the client to start using and get feedback on the product?)
  • Find the landmines or “anti-goals” which keep us from reaching the goals
    • Ex: is mobile optimization an anti-goal?
  • Understand tech requirements and platforms
  • Understand users and how they flow through the app
  • Review wireframes + user research : personas, mood boards, brand guidelines, prototypes, copywriting info, styles guides. Put these in gdrive or in pinned slack notes so everyone can find them.
  • Create roadmap together with stories
  • Identify mini-releases along the way
  • Create and sign off on GDPR expectations what data will we persist and how long? Also how will it be exported or deleted?


  • Goals - 15min
  • Business Risks/Technical Risks/Landmines - 30-60min
  • Users/Activities/Flows - 30min
  • Story Creation on note cards, mark with priority of high, medium or low- 1 hour
  • Story Creation in Asana for any note card labelled high or medium - 1 hour

Fraxx example:

Development Kickoff Agenda - Fraxx & Abtion

  • Since last time
  • New faces around the table
  • “What have we been up to” (Abtion)
  • Any updates from Fraxx? (Client)

  • Identity design
    • First take on concept, look and feel (Abtion)
  • Development kick-off
    • User stories (All, facilitated by PM)
    • Shaping MVP
    • Prioritizing features
    • Identify mini-releases
    • Find the landmines and anti-goals
  • Clarify the tech requirements (Tech team)
    • Browsers, languages, domains etc.
    • Requirements for video
    • Hosting
    • Need for tracking/statistics
    • Mails
  • Create and sign off on GDPR expectations (PM)
    • What data will we persist and how long?
    • How will data be exported or deleted?
    • SLA / Maintenance in the future

# Remember notes - This is of course with the specific project in mind

  • Hosting of videos - what about the economy vs. quality?
  • What video format do we need in order to fit both mobile, tablet and desktop?
  • Data processor agreement needed?
  • Talk about the time dev and design need to pair
  • Make sure we touch tracking like GA and SoMe
  • The content must be translated to Norwegian by Fraxx
  • What mail system do they use?