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Internal days and Community

Internal days

Five times a year, we use a Friday to have an internal day. It is mandatory to participate and absence will be counted as a vacation day, unless you are absent due to sickness. We not only expect you to participate, we also really WANT you to participate. It strengtens our company culture and relations and apprises you with information we may not get to talk so much about during regular work days.

Strategy day

Our first internal day of the year, can’t be more strategic and starts with a full day focusing on our vision, wheel of the year, and town hall workshops. Afterward, we round up with a cozy dinner and a social get-together.


Our 2nd and 4th internal day is a full day with 50% talking business and 50% fun time! This day starts typically with breakfast, followed by a presentation/workshop. Afterward we arrange a teambuilding activity that finally ends with a cozy dinner and drinks.

Summer and Christmas party

This half-day will be all about fun and celebration. The day starts later in the afternoon and has only one goal, being social and bonding as a team. Depending on the season, each party will have their own setup. The summer party is our 3rd internal day and speaking for itself, we finish the year with a Christmas party.

As a final initiative, we plan a 6th NON-mandatory event: Christmas hygge with our families. For this event we can invite our family for some ‘hygge’, where we will decorate the two offices and finish the night of with some pizza.

All dates are marked in Abtion’s calendar. (Don’t forget to add the calendar to your google calendar :))

Abtion’s culture and community

We are proud of our communinity as we are fully aware that they are a big part of our success. That’s why Abtion offers support to some degree to activities who are there to bond our Abtioneers. This could be sport activities, cultural activities, a dinner or.. anything else you can think of.

There are no rules, so feel free to think out of the box and don’t hesitate to take initiative. We all love it!

Channels on slack

Don’t know to get started? Join the initiative on slack and add yourself to our channels on slack, #abventure, #cultureers, #bouldering! That is a very good start and source of inspiration for activities and other social events.

Abtion after hours hydration initiative

Socializing with your colleagues Thursday after work is a cause worth supporting :v:

Two things that are good to know in that regard:

  • At the office: Drinks, beers and sodas for consumption at the office are always sponsored - we’re usually well-stocked, but reach out to Alberte or Dafna, if you’re missing anything specific
  • Outside the office: When 3 or more Abtioneers get together for a Thursday drink outside the office, the first round is on Abtion - this goes whether you have a Pleo card or not, so feel free to send a mobilepay request to Dafna when needed (just remember to text her a picture of the receipt)