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Project management

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Tools and services

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Employee manual

Safety and Security

Digital Security on our devices and applications


A password manager remembering them all for you. Logs you into (almost) all our apps. Along with a shared vault, will you have storage for your own private passwords. In order to keep the shared vault up to date, you are enabled to update new passwords.

  • In 1pw you can find log-in credentials to internal stuff like WiFi-code, internal used applications and access to project related data.

  • Managing access to 1pw vaults and project data introduces you to our way of working with 1pw. The magic to keep it all nice and tight, we educate ourselves to be our own gatekeeper. Everyone is actively contributing to the main rules and culture.

Security Policy

The policy establishes the minimum baseline security and requirements for all Abtioneers and networked devices, in order to protect our and Abtion’s clients’ data and information.

Please read our Security Policy and inplementation guides in our Information security folder

After inplementing the required steps, you sign the appendix digitially. Any troubles or questions, or do you need a buddy to help you through the steps, don’t worry and just ask Rune P. or anyone else in the office to help you out.

Headquarters security


If you notice something in the office that can be potentially dangerous to your health or the health of other colleagues, please notify your supervisor right away. Any person discovering a condition of fire, should immediately activate the fire alarm and call 112. To evacuate, take the nearest exit..


Activate the alarm when you are the last one leaving the office! And of course deactivate the alarm when you are the first one meeting.

As part of your onboarding process, you will receive a personal code and a demonstration to the our alarm system to be ‘veri-sure’ Abtion is secure. 🔐