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Project management

Go Live Checklist

  • Use the right servers (dynos). If it’s hosted in Heroku, the minimum accepted Dyno type for production is Standard.
  • Use a production-ready database with automatic backups. In Heroku, the minimum accepted Postgres plan is “standard-1”
  • Mails are not using in from field.
  • Mail links point to the right domain.
  • Delete test data, if any was created.
  • Test with real users and get feedback.
  • Logging should be using a large enough plan.
  • If using SendGrid, check with their support how to avoid being suspended because of a sudden spike in mail.
  • Check that the app’s mails gets good scores with

If a new domain is being used

  • DMARC must be configured with policy reject.
  • Check with the client whether they are going to send out mails using this new domain as from (with other services than the app we have just made), if so, have them check their mails with