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Continuing Education Policy

We are excited to announce the establishment of a professional development budget dedicated to fostering your growth and expertise as an Abtioneer. Our commitment is to support your learning and skill enhancement through a structured policy that encourages continuous professional development.

Annual Budget

Each employee is entitled to an annual reimbursement of up to DKK 6,000 for expenses incurred in activities or learning endeavors that enhance your professional skills.

Eligible Activities

You may use the allocated budget towards a variety of learning formats including, but not limited to:

  • Online courses
  • Workshops
  • Conferences
  • Other relevant professional development events

Time Off

To support your learning goals, you are also entitled to two days off per year, which can be used to participate in or travel to and from educational events.

Approval Process

Before purchasing tickets or services related to your chosen activity, please send a brief description of the event and its relevance to your role to your manager for pre-approval. This ensures that all activities are aligned with our organizational goals and your professional development.

Knowledge Sharing

Upon completion of the activity, we expect you to deliver a short presentation to your team, sharing insights and knowledge gained. This will not only enhance your communication skills but also contribute to the collective learning of our team.

Community Engagement

We encourage you to share your interests and planned activities on Slack. This will help inspire and motivate your colleagues to pursue their own learning goals and possibly foster collaborative learning experiences.

This policy is designed to empower you to take charge of your professional development in a supportive and structured environment. We believe that investing in your growth is essential to our success as a company and look forward to seeing how you leverage these opportunities.