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Vacation and time off

Taking time off

Don’t be shy and remember to use your vacation time! We believe it helps to motivate, inspire and refocus.

Abtion provides 25 vacation days per year. While only working 4 days a week, this actually holds 6 weeks of vacation per year, given that one only uses 4 vacation days for a full week of vacation.

When you are employed with payment during vacation, you receive a vacation pay of 1% of your salary. This is in addition to your regular salary. All days and calculations are provided following the Danish Vacation Law ‘Ferieloven’. It is your own responsibility, to make sure you use all your vacation days before the new year starts and to check the entitled payments.

Planning your vacation

The sooner you notify us of your request, the higher the chance of appoval gets. Notify us as soon as possible, so we can do our best to make sure you can enjoy your desired time off.

Our rules of thumb:

  • A single day off should be requested minimum 7 days in advance.
  • Vacation (several days in a row) should be requested minimum 3 weeks in advance, and can be rejected if the timing doesn’t allow it.
  • Vacation of 1-3 weeks should be requested a minimum of 8 weeks in advance, and can be rejected if the timing doesn’t allow it.

To make the planning smooth please follow this order:

  1. Check with your PM - they will let you know and book your vacation in forecast. If you for some reason have no PM in the given period, check with your manager or Angelle

  2. Create an out-of-office event in your calendar so we know you’re unavailable. For extra credit set your slack status to “On vacatio”, clear it when you’re back.

  3. Track the time in harvest as “Planned vacation” under “Vacation” BEFOREHAND. Put 7,5h pr day - as always a week should amount to 30h

Negative vacation days

Having your salary reduced because you’ve spent more vacation than you’ve saved up is annoying. That’s why in Abtion you get to “borrow” upcoming vacation days. You can spend up to 5 vacation days more than you have saved up during the “vacation year” (Sep 1 - Aug 31). However, you will have to catch them up before the vacation year ends August 31, simply because it’s not legal to transfer “negative vacation days” from one vacation year to the next.

👉🏻 Remember that you have to keep an eye on your remaining saved vacation days yourself. The amount of saved vacation days is written on your payslip. And if you have any questions, reach out to your manager or Angelle.

Public holidays

You can find them all in our Abtion calender. Just to list them out, here is an overview:

  • Nytårsdag / New years day (1st of january)
  • Skærtorsdag / Maundy Thursday
  • Langfredag / Good Friday
  • 2 påskedag / Easter monday
  • St. Bededag / General Prayer Day
  • Kristi Himmelfart / Ascension Day
  • 2 pinsedag / Whit Monday
  • Jul / Christmas (25th and 26th of december)

Mandatory vacation days

We also demand you to take some days off. Some days can slightly vary year to year, depending on which week day a public holiday falls. The Abtion calendar gives you the most accurate overview of all holidays and mandatory vacation days, so check the days there to be sure you are up to date.

  • The Friday after Kristi Himmelfart / Ascension Day
  • Week 29 and 30
  • Week between Christmas and New Year (including 24th and 31st of December)
  • First friday of the year (in order to follow our standard of 6 weeks / 24 days per year)



When you are sick, notify your manager and the project team you are currently working with as soon as possible and no later than 9am on the first day of your absence. You are not required to give further notice before you are ready to return again. In the meantime set your Slack status to “Off sick”.

Child’s first sick day

In the event of an acute illness, one parent has the right to take time off work if their presence is absolutely necessary. This also applies if your child is injured at school or daycare.

The absence is of short duration, 1st day of illness, until you have been able to take other precautions in relation to the acutely occurring illness. It is stated in the law on employees’ right to absence from work for special family reasons.

In any case, it is important that you notify your employer as soon as possible before you should have arrived at work.


In case of loss Abtion supports your absence and allows you to stay home as long as needed with full salary. This concerns closely related family members (children, parents, siblings or partner). In other cases your absence will be deducted from salary or vacation days.

Parental leave

In Denmark you have the right to take maternity and paternity leave at work. At Abtion you do too. Both mothers and fathers can leave for childbirth following the Danish rules of parental leave, “Barselsloven”.

Abtion gives you 14 weeks of leave with a full salary up to max. 40.000 kr. per month.

This is a huge jump for us, and we are happy it is possible. But in order to make it sustainable for us, it is also a term that Abtion can get the normal refund from the government and So be aware, your partner might have used this initially.

You still have the right to leave for a longer period of time, but without salary. You might even still have the right to get some payment from the authorities in an additional period of time.